1.1.  Conditions

Diplomas granted to Vietnamese by foreign educational institutions shall be recognized in the following cases:

-    Diplomas are granted by foreign educational institutions which are lawfully operating tin Vietnam, carrying out educational activities under their licenses and have their quality accredited by Vietnamese or foreign education quality accreditation organizations;

-    Diplomas granted by foreign educational institutions are governed by agreements on equivalence of diplomas or mutual recognition of diplomas or diploma-related treaties which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has signed or acceded to;

-    Diplomas granted by general education institutions, professional secondary schools or tertiary education institutions of foreign countries for educational programs which have been accredited by education quality accreditation bodies of those countries or which have been established and allowed to grant diplomas under licenses issued by competent educational bodies of those countries.

-    Diplomas granted by foreign educational institutions to distance learners may be recognized only when distance educational programs have been recognized by education quality accreditation bodies and when those institutions are licensed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training to provide training or joint training in Vietnam.

1.2.  Procedures

For diplomas of graduation from professional secondary schools, college diplomas, university diplomas, master diplomas and doctoral diplomas:

-    The diploma holder, his/her representative at law or authorized person who applies for recognition of diplomas granted by a foreign educational institution shall send two (02) sets of dossier specified below to the Vietnam National Academic Recognition Information Centre (VN-NARIC);

-    After receiving a complete and valid dossier, VN-NARIC shall issue a receipt to the applicant; if the dossier is sent by post, the date on postmark is used as the date of receipt of the dossier. Within 30 working days, VN-NARIC shall coordinate with concerned units in considering and recognizing diplomas, of the applicant. If diplomas are not recognized, the dossier-receiving agency shall give a written reply to the applicant.

1.3.  Dossier:

-       A written application for diploma recognition (Form No. 1 enclosed with this Decision, not printed herein);

-    One (01) copy of the diploma, enclosed with its Vietnamese translation authenticated by a competent agency;

-    One (01) copy of the academic transcript given by the foreign educational institution, enclosed with its Vietnamese translation authenticated by a competent agency.

-          Apart from the documents specified  above, the diploma holder shall enclose the dossier with relevant documents (if any) such as certification of the Vietnamese diplomatic mission in the host country; certification of the foreign educational institution where he/she has studied; the thesis and written certification that the thesis has been submitted to the Vietnam National Library (for doctoral diploma holders); a copy of the passport stamped with the date of entry or exit; and a document recognizing that the quality of the educational program or the diploma-granting educational institution has been accredited.

1.4.   Fees:

According to Article 4 in Circular No. 164/2016 / TT-BTC dated October 25, 2016 of the Minister of Finance regulating the rates, collection, remittance, management and use of paper verification fees, documents to recognize diplomas granted by foreign educational institutions to Vietnamese people.

-          The fee of 500,000 VND ($25) / 01 diploma for diplomas granted by foreign educational institutions to Vietnamese citizens after completing overseas education programs (including full-time study forms; part-time study, associate final-stage training abroad);

-          The fee of 250,000 VND ($15) / 01 diploma for diplomas granted by foreign educational institutions to Vietnamese students (including complete training transferring programs in Vietnam; multi-phase programs in Vietnam, or a foreign educational institution with Vietnamese campus like RMIT Vietnam).

Please send the application for diploma recognition along with a copy of the bank's proof of payment / print from the computer transferred from internetbanking / ATM invoice by post (express delivery) to the Accreditation Center diploma - Quality Management Department by address:

Vietnam National Academic Recognition Information Center

Address: 1st Floor, House 8C, Lane 30 Ta Quang Buu - Hai Ba Trung - Hanoi.

Phone: +84 243 8683359


Official website: (The Center recognizes diplomas with an abbreviated name in English: VN-NARIC).

 1.5.     Appeal

-    Complaints and denunciations and the settlement of complaints and denunciations regarding violations of law in diploma recognition comply with the law on complaints and denunciations.

-    Handling of violations: Individuals who commit acts of violating the provisions of this Document shall, depending on the nature and severity of their violations, be disciplined, administratively sanctioned or examined for penal liability; if causing damage, they shall pay compensations therefor in accordance with law.